October 6, 2021 


TLS Collaborative Solutions: 


It has been my pleasure working with Lutishia Lewis Turner and her company TLS Collaborative Solutions, LLC in taking my business to the next level. I came to Ms. Turner with the goal of deciding if I should continue with running my company or seek employment elsewhere. She helped me make a good decision by providing guidance and solutions. Ms. Turner is a business consultant who helps a company identify problems and initiate change. During the discovery phase, she determined the business needed to incorporate a system that could keep the client informed during the financial planning process. She also helped me fine-tune my business plan. Not only did she guide me on the operational structure of the business, but she has also been able to make excellent recommendations that has prepared me for the next growth stage of my business. I now have opened a second location and expanded my business to another state. After conducting a business analysis, we were able to determine the strength and weaknesses in our operation. We are working on addressing areas of improvement. She also, is great at connecting others to achieve a beneficial business relationship. Ms. Turner’s experience and expertise are priceless, and I am fortunate to have her as a friend, business partner, and business consultant. I highly recommend the services of TLS Collaborative Solutions, LLC for any company and organization. 


Best Regards, 


Brenda Oldham 

CEO, RAM Insurance & Financial Services