Tish has an extraordinary amount of energy, in which she has effectively directed toward building a cohesive community of leaders working toward the same goal. She has engaged with various stakeholders within the Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce (PRC) to drive initiatives around education, entrepreneurship, and civic engagement. This high level of energy was instrumental in increasing marketing/branding campaigns, sales, volunteerism, and member engagement at the PRC. We are thankful to TLS for its membership, and for Tish sharing her leadership and wisdom for our benefit.   


TLS’s experience in management and leadership, coupled with its excellent interpersonal skills has contributed significantly to my own personal development. Due to Tish’s vast array of experience with leaders of all kinds, (manufacturing, retail, education, and government), she has assisted the PRC with strategic planning development. TLS has guided and directed the leadership of the Pontiac Regional Chamber to a new level of excellence. The PRCC is comprised of individuals from a wide variety of professions.  TLS provided a method/system to keep track of member projects/business plans while at the same time building relationships with industry leaders, cultivating resources, collaborating with team members, and developing connections that make a difference for the growth of PRC.  


TLS provided a comprehensive tool to keep track of all membership business/project plans over the last 3 years. This tool allowed the PRC to respond to grants and derive content for our various internal and external campaigns with efficacy and ease. I am more than pleased with the ability to follow up on discussions with TLS to gain further insight into how to manage people, processes, and technologies to enhance the growth of the PRC. Utilizing TLS’s services provided significant value to the Pontiac Regional Chamber of Commerce in our efforts to better plan our work.  



Thank you,  


Damany Head